Water quality monitoring


We use a combination ISE sensor with our innovative USI and USM instruments for two options of calcium meter.

  • For all water and wastewater applications
  • Range 0.02 – 4010 ppm
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ISE Sensor
Water quality and Chemical Oxygen Demand

Why measure calcium?

We know calcium as the building blocks of our bones, and it it equally important to the cell walls of aquatic plants and of the bones and shells of aquatic animals. As water flows over rocks like gypsum and limestone it picks up calcium. Low levels of calcium in aquatic ecosystems can significantly reduce the waters ability to support life. High levels can cause disease – hence the need to monitor and treat calcium in wastewater from industry and domestic sources.


Two plug and play options for calcium measurement - both designed and manufactured in the UK

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Calcium meter

Universal Smart Instrument

Multi parameter conductivity meter for measuring conductivity in water and wastewater
  • Up to 7 water quality parameters
  • 7″ touch screen display
  • Windows operating system
  • Live data interrogation
  • Multi output

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Clacium meter

Universal Smart Meter

Two parameter conductivity meter for measuring conductivity in water and wastewater
  • Cost effective meter
  • Multi function instrument
  • Quick and simple programming
  • UK manufactured
  • Robust and effective

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Why choose Smart Storm for your calcium monitoring

UK Manufactured

Our instruments are UK manufactured with UK based technical support – for quick response times

Innovative technologies

Our expertise come from the university sector which has translated into a strong R&D programme

Data driven

We understand that data drives improvements – our instruments are designed to capture and harness data

User friendly

Our instruments are designed with the end user in mind with intuitive programming and more

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