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The Greasebuster™

Fats, Oils and Grease Skimmer

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OIL Skimmer

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Fats, oils and grease remediation division

Mop Skimmer

Tried and tested – Oil Mop Skimmers are an effective system for a series of applications

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Mop Skimmers

We are pleased to work with the leading manufacturer of Oil Mop Skimmers to provide system that are effective in the following applications:

  • Food manufacturing – cooked meats, sauces, bread, dairy, beverages and other fats, oils and grease (FOG) removal in the effluent treatment process
  • Steel Production – all areas of steelmaking and steel processing fluids which require separation and removal of oil contamination

Versatile design and rugged hard-wearing components to withstand tough environments

Designed to operate 24/7 the mop is made from polypropylene which is specially constructed to form a large surface area ‘net’ to encapsulate the oil on the surface of the water.

The skimmer head can be powered by any electric drive and in many cases can be manufactured to order with bespoke accessories to suit the client’s needs – such as bunded collection tanks, and separator scraper unit which is popular for FOG removal in the food industry when viscosity is too high to keep the collected materials moving.

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An innovative solution to an ever-increasing problem – the Greasebuster® Fat and Oil and Grease Skimmer combines the innovation of fat and oil skimmers by using hydrophobic belts to attract fats, oils and greases but reject water.


Based on our understanding of trade effluent we have carefully selected a range of bacterial products for effluent bioaugmentation – based on specific formulations of naturally occurring microbes, enzymes and plant extracts – that are extremely effective and environmentally friendly.

MOP Skimmer

Oil Mop Skimmers are an effective system for a series of applications. They are designed to operate 24/7 with a versatile design and rugged hard-wearing components to withstand the toughest of environments.


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