Wastewater Sampling Equipment with Touch Screen Displays

Our Range of Wastewater Samplers

Our automatic wastewater samplers are designed for composite flow, time or event sampling of wastewater discharges in industrial and municipal applications.

HC1 Wastewater Sampler
Hydrocell 1

Non refrigerated single bottle wastewater sampler

HC2 Wastewater Sampler
Hydrocell 2

Two bottle non refrigerated wastewater sampler

HC4 Wastewater Sampler
Hydrocell 4

Four bottle refrigerated wastewater sampler

HC8 Wastewater Sampler
Hydrocell 8

Eight bottle refrigerated wastewater sampler


Why take automatic wastewater samples?

Water companies set trade effluent bills based on values of your water quality parameters and flow. To do this, they use the Mogden formula to calculate how much you need to pay.

Without an automatic sampler of wastewater, a spot sample from a larger body of water will be taken and your costs are based on those measurements. This may occur during a spike, where readings are wildly above your normal average, which will cause your bills to be inflated.

An automated wastewater sampler will take a number of small samples over a 24-hour period that is representative of your effluent discharge during time. This is known as a composite sample averages out the high and low effluent discharge parameters. By law, where an automated composite wastewater sampler is present, Water Companies must use these samples for billing and not a spot sample. These composite samples are a true representation of your 24-hour discharge rather than a spot sample. Most samplers are controlled by a flow meter so a sample only is taken when flow is present but they can also be time or event driven.

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Thermoelectric Cooler for Refrigerated Wastewater Samples

The refrigerated model includes frost protection as standard at no extra cost. The innovative use of a thermoelectric cooler, which in freezing conditions acts as a heater over a period of time.

So, whatever the climatic conditions, the temperature and integrity of your effluent sample is maintained. The thermoelectric cooler is highly robust due to its lack of moving parts or circulating liquid.

It is therefore far more reliable and requires less maintenance than a traditional compressor cooling unit. Additionally it will provide effective automatic wastewater sampling in varied conditions.

Intelligent Distribution Arm

The Hydrocell 2/4/8 features an intelligent distribution arm that uses microprocessors to accurately locate the sample bottles for spill free sampling.

Stunning Touch Screen Displays

Hydrocell is part of the innovative USI range ,and features the same straightforward interface as found in the process instrumentation range.

The Hydrocell software removes the complexities typically associated with programming industrial instrumentation offering the user clear and precise options on its industrial touch screen interface.

The graphical display offers the user clarity of information, with fill status of bottles clearly identifiable as images on the screen. This is of particular benefit to the refrigerated versions, as it negates the need to open the compartment door, and therefore prevents the sample temperature from being affected, and sampling errors occurring as a result.

Water and Wastewater Specialists

Smart Storm has always been at the forefront of innovative products for the water treatment and wastewater industries.

They have won many prestigious UK and European awards for innovative technology.

Smart Storm have over 20 years of experience, strong market research and development capability in the monitoring of water and wastewater treatment. They design their instrumentation with the end user firmly in mind, and have the knowledge and expertise to support your needs.

Intelligent USI functionality

All units are programmed and operated using the user-friendly USI touch screen interface. This is renowned for its intuitive operation and ease of programming.

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