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We manufacture V-notch weir tanks that come complete with integral sensor bracket and steel reinforced bands. They are fully compliant to BS3680 and ISO 1438 standards.

We manufacture BS3680 rectangular flumes in either stainless steel or Polypropylene to suit customer requirements.

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Our level meters utilise our own ultrasonic technology and offer a degree of intelligence and ease of programming not seen in other instruments.

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Our range of wastewater samplers are specifically designed for the composite collection of wastewater samples in industrial and municipal applications.

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Our Avocet Sludge Blanket monitors the sedimentation and scum accumulation in remote settlement tanks and clarifiers in water treatment works.


We offer a wide variety of sensors for flow, level and water quality measurement. Durable in design and accurate in industrial and municipal applications.

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Our v-notch weir tanks and flumes are fully compliant to BS3680 and ISO 1438 standards and can be made bespoke for each application.


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