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Industrial pH Balancing

A bespoke solution for industrial pH balancing, from design and manufacture to installation and servicing.

Industrial pH balancing

With over 25 years of experience, we specialise in cost-effective chemical dosing systems adapted to any site requirements. From small balancing tanks to fully integrated systems with full aeration mixers and proportional pH dosing control.

Water companies are increasingly targeting businesses that breach their pH consent, as unbalanced effluent entering the sewer network can erode their sewer pipes, particularly from food manufacturers that have a high organic waste stream that decays to acid. CIP or other caustic cleaning processes also require pH balancing before discharge.

Industries We Serve

  • Food and Drink
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Abattoirs
  • Chemical
  • Aerospace
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Metal Processors
  • Agriculture and Aquaculture

Specifically designed solutions to meet the requirements of our customers.


Our one-stop-shop solutions include:

  • Pump Stations
  • Acid and caustic dosing pumps
  • PH meter and controller
  • Bunded chemical storage tanks
  • Mixer tanks or in-line pipe mixers
  • Groundworks, drains and pipework
  • Project Management and Installation
  • H&S Risk Assessment

Smart Storm provide continuous in-line pH treatment without the need for batch treatment making it faster and safer to operate.

Packaged pH Balancing Systems

Smart Storm offer packaged pH dosing systems which are:

  • Ready to install, user friendly controls (plug and play)
  • Calibrate and set up in minutes
  • Suitable for external installation
  • For new installations or can be retro-fitted

Mounted on a polypropylene back board the fully assembled system in ready use. It contains

  • Smart Storm pH Meter with integral data logger
  • Acid and/or caustic dosing pumps up to 50L/hr
  • 10m chemical supply tubing
  • Audible Alarm & Visual Beacon Alerts
  • Fully wired

PVC mixing tanks with impeller mixers and pumping stations can also be supplied


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Solutions for the Water & Wastewater Industries

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Effluent Treatment Plants

A bespoke solution for wastewater treatment, from design and manufacture to installation and servicing.

Industrial pH Balancing

We utilise over 25 years’ experience to deliver industrial pH balancing systems adapted to any site requirements.

Servicing and Calibration

Our team of qualified engineers are fully trained to deal with any effluent instrumentation and systems.

Effluent Bill Analysis & Reduction Plan

We accurately analyse trade effluent then propose and install equipment and treatment to significantly reduce effluent bills.

Effluent Site Surveys

Our in depth understanding of trade effluent allows us to review and evaluate customers sites, often leading to significant effluent bill reduction through our recommendations.

Effluent Chemical Supply

Based on the specific requirements of our customer we recommend the most effective chemicals for their application.


For trial or temporary works, we offer a full service for wastewater treatment plant and instrumentation rentals.