Smart Storm offer a wide variety of sensor options including Area Velocity, Digison, Ion selective Electrodes and MagFlow.
Designed to be durable and accurate in industrial applications Smart Storm have options to suit all your requirements. Sensor requirements will vary based on the type of effluent being treated.

Area Velocity Sensors

From: £1,400 excl VAT.

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Digison Ultrasonic Sensors

From: £375 excl VAT.

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Environmental Digison Modbus Sensors

From: £320 excl VAT.

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Ion Selective Electrodes

From: £250 excl VAT.

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Product Categories

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Flow Meters

Intelligent Flow Monitoring – Smart Storm manufactures a range of instruments to measure flow in open channels and closed pipes for all industrial sectors.

Wastewater Samplers

The USI Hydrocell range of wastewater samplers are specifically designed for the composite collection of wastewater samples from industrial and municipal applications.

Water Quality Meters

Smart Storm’s range of Water Quality Meters offer simultaneous multi-parameter measurement and are ideal for water quality measurement in all industries.

Weirs & Flumes

Smart Storm manufacture polypropylene V-notch Weir Tanks that come complete with integral sensor bracket and steel reinforced bands. They are fully compliant to BS3680 and ISO 1438 standards.

Level Meters

Smart Storm Level Meters offer a degree of intelligence and ease of programming not seen in other instruments.

Sludge Blanket

The Avocet Sludge Blanket monitors the sedimentation and scum accumulation in remote settlement tanks and clarifiers in water treatment works, waste-water reclamation works and factories with treatment plants.


Smart Storm offers a wide variety of sensors for flow, level and water quality measurement including area velocity. Smart Storm sensors are designed to be durable and accurate in all industrial applications, and most offer IP68 protection.


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