Effluent Treatment Plant

A bespoke solution for effluent treatment

We have over 25 years of expertise in reducing final effluent bills through an effluent treatment plant. We work with manufacturing and processing companies to deliver effective effluent management.

Effluent plant design and installation

For any type of effluent we offer a bespoke solution for your effluent management.

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Biological effluent treatment plants

We carefully select powerful natural biological products that target bacteria and enzymes to break down organic compounds in the effluent treatment process – usually in a large aerated retention tank as part of the effluent treatment plant.

Petroleum, food and drink, agriculture, and hazardous waste industries have high organic loads which are easily digested by our powerful bacteria to reduce COD, suspended solids and target substances such as fats, phenols, sulphates, etc in the effluent treatment process. The 100% natural products we use in our bioreactors are also extremely efficient at reducing unpleasant odours in effluent treatment plants.

Using our bioreactor in your effluent treatment plant saves you money, improves the environment and reduces your carbon footprint.

Trade effluent management and monitoring

We are specialist industrial effluent monitoring and treatment company. We provide a professional, technical, and cost effective service to companies with the aim of achieving effluent discharge compliance and effluent bill reduction as part of an effective effluent plant.
As a UK manufacturer of wastewater instrumentation we use our innovative technologies in the effluent treatment plants that we install, to deliver effective and intuitive monitoring.

Effluent plant servicing and calibration

Maintaining your trade effluent plant is an essential part of ensuring trouble free operation during its lifetime. Reliable and accurate data recording prevents conflicts between you and your billing authority. Both manufacturers and water companies recommend that trade effluent systems are both serviced and calibrated at least biannually. Whatever design and make of effluent instrumentation and system you have in place, Smart Storm can offer you unbeatable service and calibration at a competitive price. As an ISO 9001:2015 accredited company you can rest assured that our products and services meet and exceed customer and applicable regulatory requirements.

Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)

COD is a measure of water quality calculated by measuring the amount of oxygen stripped from your effluent as it decays, and makes up around 65% of the pence per litre part of your effluent bill. Smart Storm specialises in both bacterial and
chemical treatments for COD, and our experts will determine the best solution for your individual waste. By installing an effluent plant you can substantially reduce the COD content of your effluent by as much as 75%, with a proportionate saving to be made on your effluent bills.

Intuitive monitoring

In our installations we use our range of monitoring instruments. They utilise the latest technologies. Therefore offering a truly user friendly experience for effluent management and monitoring in your effluent plant.

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Why choose Smart Storm for your effluent treatment plant

No two effluent streams are the same; from food and drink to abattoirs and chemical industries. They all have different requirements for their effluent management in their effluent plants. With over 25 years’ experience in the effluent management, Smart Storm understands effluent and effluent plants. We work with companies to design and install cost effective solutions and provide ongoing environmental partnerships. Payback on effluent plants is often achieved within 12 to 18 months, and Smart Storm can offer lease finance packages to spread the cost.

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