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Effluent Bill Analysis & Reduction Plan

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Effluent bill analysis and reduction plan

Using over 25 years of expertise we accurately analyse trade effluent then propose and install equipment and treatment to significantly reduce effluent bills.

How is a trade effluent bill calculated?

Wastewater bills (trade effluent bill) are calculated by multiplying effluent volume by the pence per unit:

  1. Effluent volume –  with no flow meter installed this is estimated based on incoming water minus an industry standard amount for product manufacture and a domestic amount per employee
  2. Pence per unit based on the chemical oxygen demand and suspended solids in your effluent – without a composite sampler installed this is usually based on a spot sample of effluent taken by the water company and can lead to inflated, inaccurate and inconsistent bills

What can I do?

To get accurate and representative bills we install survey measurement equipment to accurately measure wastewater volume and a sampling system to ensure that peaks and troughs of good and bad waste are evened out throughout the day. These samples are then analysed in approved laboratories for quality and load such as COD, suspended solids, pH and any other specific contaminants such as sulphurs, nitrates, etc.


  • A comprehensive report detailing our findings
  • A proposal to introduce equipment, treatment or changes in working processes to reduce effluent bills
  • An estimation of the cost savings and payback period.

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Effluent Bill Analysis & Reduction Plan

We accurately analyse trade effluent then propose and install equipment and treatment to significantly reduce effluent bills.

Effluent Site Surveys

Our in depth understanding of trade effluent allows us to review and evaluate customers sites, often leading to significant effluent bill reduction through our recommendations.

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