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We are always happy to discuss anything from renting a single piece of equipment – for temporary monitoring of wastewater – up to the leasing of a full solution.

For our Greasebuster – fats, oils and grease remover – we recommend trial periods for unsure customers to highlight it’s benefits and payback from the sales of fats.

No need to tie up capital for water and wastewater products and projects

We offer all our products and services through a leasing option. Not only can our equipment be acquired in this way but complete projects, including ground works and infrastructures.

The benefits of leasing include:

  • Rentals remain fixed for the full duration of the lease agreement;
  • Rental payments are 100% tax deductible;
  • Simple upgrades often with no noticeable change to your rental costs;
  • Your valuable working capital is protected.
  • Finance available from £1000+VAT subject to status.


Contact us for more information.

Solutions for the Water & Wastewater Industries

Click on a solution for more details.

Effluent Treatment Plants

A bespoke solution for wastewater treatment, from design and manufacture to installation and servicing.

Industrial pH Balancing

We utilise over 25 years’ experience to deliver industrial pH balancing systems adapted to any site requirements.

Servicing and Calibration

Our team of qualified engineers are fully trained to deal with any effluent instrumentation and systems.

Effluent Bill Analysis & Reduction Plan

We accurately analyse trade effluent then propose and install equipment and treatment to significantly reduce effluent bills.

Effluent Site Surveys

Our in depth understanding of trade effluent allows us to review and evaluate customers sites, often leading to significant effluent bill reduction through our recommendations.

Effluent Chemical Supply

Based on the specific requirements of our customer we recommend the most effective chemicals for their application.


For trial or temporary works, we offer a full service for wastewater treatment plant and instrumentation rentals.


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