We are pleased to be official distributors of Börger pumps

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We are pleased to be working with Börger and combining our expertise for:

  • Wastewater Industry
  • Fats, oils and greases
  • Skimmer compatible applications

Smart Storm ltd are the official  distributors of Börger Rotary Lobe Pumps for  applications in the waste water and related industries.  Our partnership is formed on many years of experience derived from delivering solutions in the waste water and FOG recovery industry, in combination we have a wealth of practical experience providing unique solutions.

A combination of effective technologies

The Börger rotary lobe pumps are an ideal combination to work with the Greasebuster for the removal of larger solids and hard FOG particles.  With very little head loss and a very strong lift, the Börger pump works in most aggressive or difficult environments ranging from waste treatment works to sand beds.

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Börger GmbH is one of the largest manufacturer of rotary lobe pumps and is fit for many different applications.

The benefits to the Börger pump:

  • Good self priming characteristics
  • Direct, large volume passages
  • Particularly low power consumption due to high efficiency
  • Low operating and spares costs
  • Very low down times for rotor and liner replacement
  • Easy access through quick release cover
  • Mechanical seals with quench as standard
  • Maintenance in place for all service parts
  • Pulsation free screw rotors
  • Stainless Steel, FPM, PTFE, EPDM options available

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An innovative solution to an ever-increasing problem – the Greasebuster® Fat and Oil and Grease Skimmer combines the innovation of fat and oil skimmers by using hydrophobic belts to attract fats, oils and greases but reject water.


Based on our understanding of trade effluent we have carefully selected a range of bacterial products for effluent bioaugmentation – based on specific formulations of naturally occurring microbes, enzymes and plant extracts – that are extremely effective and environmentally friendly.

MOP Skimmer

Oil Mop Skimmers are an effective system for a series of applications. They are designed to operate 24/7 with a versatile design and rugged hard-wearing components to withstand the toughest of environments.


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