Alvotech in Iceland, a fully integrated speciality bio-pharmaceutical company looking for high quality U.K. technology to solve their effluent monitoring issues, have ordered their first Hydrocell Wastewater Sampler

We are working around the world to provide start of the art solutions for wastewater monitoring needs. We were contacted by Alvotech who were looking for a solution to their monitoring issues.

They collect the waste in a 8000 litre tank and neutralise the content before the tank is drained, their operational licence required a composite sample for a working day. Whilst this may seem a straight forward request it was complicated by the fact the tank is drained several times a day depending on particular requirements but they still need to supply a single daily sample.

Therefore they needed a unit that they could control the frequency of sampling to suit daily variance.

The Hydrocell wastewater sampler is specifically designed to collect composite (flow, event or time proportional) samples of trade effluent discharges in industrial applications. Having a robust design with state of the art touch screen programming and graphical display this made the Hydrocell 2 the ideal product for this application.

We are pleased to have provided the ideal product to suit a customer’s application, having listened to the clients needs and responded with a detailed proposal – a key part of the companies ethos.


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