Rental equipment for investigation and analysis of a food manufacturers effluent

Following a warning from the water regulator, we installed hire equipment to monitor and analyse a food manufacturers effluent before recommending a wastewater treatment solution.


The food manufacturer was contacted by the water regulator, informing them of ‘out of consent sampling’. The site had no system to sample or monitor their effluent, meaning the water regulator took spot samples which were unrepresentative of the effluent profile and gave vastly inflated effluent bills.


Following the enquiry from the food manufacturer we visited site and conducted a full survey of the effluent process, including effluent profile and estimated flow rates.

Following our site visit we recommended a solution to firstly split foul water from process water, as well as a system to pump to a v-notch tank and Hydrocell 2 bottle sampler for an accurate sampling profile. To understand the flow, we installed an area velocity meter, an application of our Universal Smart Meter and area velocity doppler sensor.

Following a sufficient period to collect accurate and representative readings for the manufacturer’s effluent, we recovered the hire equipment and analysed the data.


After reviewing the data collected, we created a report including graphical representations of the trade effluent parameters and recommendations for a wastewater treatment solution to effectively treat their effluent – which we are now in the process of installing.


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