The Greasebuster® is an innovative solution that removes fats, oils and grease from waste water tanks and systems and removes the need for a grease trap.

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The Greasebuster® is an innovative solution that removes fats, oils and grease from waste water tanks and systems and removes the need for a grease trap. The Greasebuster® uses a hydrophobic belt which attracts non-polar liquids such as fats, oils and greases whilst rejecting water. The Greasebuster® sits in a reception tank and the belt continuously rotates through the surface collecting FOG whilst the water runs back into the tank.


  • Removes fats, oils and grease whilst rejecting water
  • Prevents pipe and sewer blockages
  • Simple installation
  • 24/7 operation
  • Removes up to 4m3 of FOG per day
  • Temperature range of operation up to 50 °C
  • Reduces waste water bills through COD and solids reduction
  • Reduces risk of environmental prosecution
  • Removes microthrix, filamentous growth and floating solid waste
  • Belt speed control and thermostatic temperature control


  • Municipal Treatment plants and sewerage networks
  • Industrial effluent streams containing fats. Oils and grease
  • Food, Mineral and surface solids removal
  • Oil contaminated water cleaning
  • Heavy duty oil removal
  • Sludge removal

Technical Specification

Instruction Manual


The Greasbuster comes as a complete ready to fit unit with:

Tank and gantry wall bracket

Collection Chute

Control panel for programmable speed, temperature control of collection chute and timer.

Emergency cut-off switch

The unit is available in two belt widths capable of up to 8m3 of FOG/24Hrs.

The fats oils and grease should be allowed to drain into a collection drum or IBC.

Where the fats, oils and grease is required to pump to a higher level, the sludge pump and level controller should be purchased.

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