Thwaites Brewery

A pH balancing tank and wastewater monitoring systems for Thwaites, one of the UK’s oldest traditional Breweries.

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The company

Founded in 1807, Thwaites produce a wide range of quality cask, concentrating brewing only for its estate of around 270 pubs, a small but growing group of characterful coaching inns and six four-star full-service regional hotels and spas.

The scope

In 2018, Thwaites moved from its large town centre site in Blackburn to a new purpose-built brewery and Shire stables in a beautiful wooded area on the outskirts of Blackburn. As part of their new build they required a wastewater treatment solution.

The project

The brewing process produces alcohol, sugars and proteins that form part of the wastewater and create an acidic solution. The first stage of the wastewater treatment however is to remove the solids from all the grain, like barley and hops for example. Mechanical screens are the most effective method, and in this instance we installed a wedge wire screen as the most effective solution

pH balancing is then required for the acidic effluent. Water companies are increasingly targeting businesses that breach their pH consent, as unbalanced effluent entering the sewer network can erode their sewer pipes. CIP or other caustic cleaning processes also require pH balancing before discharge.

The pH balancing system we installed utilises our range of monitoring instruments to allow us to accurately monitor and dose the effluent in real-time, as opposed to a batch process. Also installed as part of the trade effluent monitoring system included a v-notch weir and USI Flow Meter for compliant flow measurements and our Hydrocell Wastewater Sampler.

Watch the video case study here:

The outcome

Dr John Duffy, our Managing Director:

“Normally, we install treatment plants as an afterthought which can cause horrendous logistical problems on sites but in this case, it was great that Thwaites had the foresight to identify their needs at the start of their new build.”

Brian Yorston, Thwaites Head Brewer:

“Smart Storm not only provide a very friendly and responsive service but also provide state of the art instruments which are ideal for Brewery Effluent”

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