Yorkshire Provender

Our new factory effluent treatment and monitoring installation at Yorkshire Provender

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The company

Based in North Yorkshire, Yorkshire Provender is a well-known brand selling readymade soups to major supermarkets and other outlets. The company was formed in 2004 and has progressively grown every since.

The Problem

As with all food manufacturing, there is a constant need to keep food process vessels clean.  This is done with a caustic Clean In Place process (CIP).  With caustic typically being pH 14 it normally falls outside of the usual discharge consent of most water companies.  It is very rare to have a process where the caustic effluent is neutralised by any acidic effluent.

The old treatment system had a little spare capacity which meant that over time there would have been a higher risk of breaching the consent.  Water companies are now taking a much harder stance with customers who breach consents. This is seen in the increasing number of effluent consent breach fines being issued

The Solution

Smart Storm was approached to provide both an effluent treatment plant and an effluent monitoring system to comply with the current production and potential future growth. Using Smart Storm’s in-house manufactured USM pH controller, the system is able to proportionally control the acid dosing pump as it moves from the set point.  The benefit of this system is that it constantly balances the effluent in-line, whereas a batch treatment process needs a storage tank.  The effluent is screened for solids using a wedge wire screen that requires no maintenance and then neutralized so that it meets Yorkshire Water’s consent limit.  The v-notch weir tank is the standard primary flow tank for trade effluent. The v-notch records both flow and pH using the Smart Storms Universal Smart Instrument (USI) and the data can be downloaded and viewed both in tabular or graphical formats using Smart Storm’s own Windows-based bespoke software. The installed wastewater sampler takes proportional samples through the day to gives a true composite record of the daily discharge.  treatment experience.

The result was a compact wastewater treatment plant that maintains the pH between 6-10 with both suspended solids and COD complying with Yorkshire Water’s consent limits.

Screen and pH Balance Treatment

The pH balancing system Smart Storm installed utilises our own range of monitoring instruments to allow us to accurately monitor and dose the effluent in real-time.

Based in North Yorkshire, Yorkshire Provender is a well-known brand selling readymade soups to major supermarkets and other outlets.  The company was formed in 2004 and has progressively grown every since.

  • Smart Storm’s USI is a complete monitoring Instrument for wastewater measurement and control.
  • The USI, monitors and records instantaneous flow, daily volume total, pH, and a range of water parameters including conductivity, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, and TSS. An optional GPRS Modem allows users to remotely download data and a USB port allows for on-site downloads to a pc.

Our USI combines everything you need in a single product, saving on space and cost of additional Instrumentation and installation. This is the only instrument on the market designed specifically for trade effluent monitoring and control, allowing you to always be in charge of your day-to-day wastewater management.


Effluent monitoring is an important part of any companies legal compliance. The usual effluent monitoring installation includes a means of measuring the flow of the effluent leaving the site, a pH controller to constantly measure the pH, and a composite sampler to take proportional flow samples. It is important to take proportional samples of the effluent as regulators taking monthly spot samples base the discharge bill based on the sample taken. This means that an effluent disposal bill could be relatively high when compared to the actual ‘true’ value of the ‘average’ effluent.

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