Brewery Wastewater Treatment

A bespoke solution for wastewater treatment

At Smart Storm we have become experts at brewery wastewater treatment. We work with breweries to help treat and monitor their wastewater to reduce bills and avoid prosecution.

Working with breweries

We have gained a wealth of experience through working with some of the UK’s leading breweries. Our expert knowledge of pH balancing, BOD reduction and effluent monitoring make us a leading brewery wastewater treatment plant supplier.

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Brewery wastewater treatment

The brewing process produces alcohol, sugars and proteins that form part of the wastewater. If this wastewater is discharged without effective treatment then it can cause significant problems down the line.

Removal of the solids in brewery wastewater

Brewery wastewater is usually treated in stages by passing through a series of tanks. Brewery wastewater contains all the grain from the brewing process like barley and hops. This needs to be filtered or allowed to drop out, before further treatment.

pH balancing in a brewery treatment plant

The alcohol and sugars in brewery wastewater create an acidic solution, which needs treatment.

Water companies are increasingly targeting businesses that breach their pH consent, as unbalanced effluent entering the sewer network can erode their sewer pipes. CIP or other caustic cleaning processes also require pH balancing before discharge.

BOD in brewery wastewater

Brewery wastewater needs a lot of oxygen for decomposition, this is called BOD (biological oxygen demand). Nutrient rich discharge can also cause large algae blooms leaving little oxygen for other organisms. This is why it is important to treat wastewater for BOD at source and in municipal wastewater treatment plants.

Intuitive monitoring

In our installations we use our range of monitoring instruments. They utilise the latest technologies. Therefore offering a truly user friendly experience for effluent management and monitoring in your effluent plant.

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Why choose Smart Storm for your brewery wastewater treatment plant

Brian Yorston, Thwaites Head Brewer:

Smart Storm not only provide a very friendly and responsive service but also provide state of the are instruments which are ideal for brewery effluent.”

Stuart Ross, Magic Rock Head Brewer:
At the outset of the project I chose Smart Storm as the preferred supplier for our new effluent plant as they demonstrated they had the knowledge and design experience to best meet Magic Rock’s requirements.”

Watch our video on how we work with breweries on brewery wastewater treatment plants:


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